Top Five Ways To Find Free Lotion Samples

This summer learn more about free wrinkle cream samples.

Free skin care samples. We all know they're out there.  But how do we find them?

As parents of six kids of our own and foster parents to many more, we look for every chance to save money and try new products.  Our "Top Five" list below is a common sense approach to finding free samples that comes from years of experience.

1. Join Manufacturer Email Lists

Many of the major skin care companies like Olay, Neutrogena, Jergens, and Johnson & Johnson have consumer programs that you can register for.  While you have to tolerate the sometimes useful tips and usually shameless self-promotion, you do get coupons and sample offers in your Inbox as well.

To avoid endless promotional spam to your personal email address, set up a second email account intended only for this purpose.  You protect your main email address and can easily drop the secondary email at any time without disrupting your personal life.

Both Procter & Gamble and Johnson and Johnson have websites that allow you to sign up for offers on all their products at one time.

For a list of many of these companies and a link to their registration page, visit our personal care company directory page.

2. Order From Online Retailers

Websites dedicated to health and beauty like often offer free samples or BOGOs with your order. lets you choose up to three samples.

The next time you need to stock up on cotton swabs or toothpaste, try ordering from these types of sites.  Ordering your over-the-counter medicines using your employer's medical flexible spending account is another way to rack up the savings and the free samples of moisturizer!

3. Visit Websites That Are Bargain Hubs

Popular sites like are portals for coupons, discounts, free shipping, and samples of skin care products.  It takes a little time to browse through all the offers and find freebies but once you become familiar with a site it will become quicker each time you visit.

There are some poor sites that rank highly in search engine results.  However, our experience has shown that, along with, other great sites include,, and

4. Don't Forget The Paper

The Sunday newspaper, that is.  Or the circulars you get in your mailbox.  Printed promotions are still a great source of BOGOs, samples, and coupons for everything from hand cream to shampoo. 

5. Play The Grocery Game

Really!  If you are willing to take the time, is a great resource for pairing coupons with store sales for the absolute maximum savings. We have personally saved 50% to 70% on our retail shopping by using the information from this website!  You'll find far more than just skin care samples, of course, but if you're into saving money why stop with just personal care products?